Update: Machmen on Beatport 10/12/09


Update: Pushed back one week. If you HAVE to buy something this week, go buy the Jesus Lizard remasters instead.

The first Wire Recordings release “Just Like You, Only Better” by Machmen hits Beatport on Monday October 12th. After the 2 week Beatport exclusive, it will be available for download at most popular music download sites.

Many thanks to Jason Reimer for doing the cover art, Gregory Damien Grinnell for artwork guidance, Brett Weldele for lending some perspective, and Jon, Israel and Mia at OSEAO for patiently walking me through the setup of the label. Also thanks to the pickle lady for enduring repeated listens of this record and being supportive of all my creative efforts.

Big thanks of course to my co-conspirator on the Machmen recording, Urbex. If you don’t know his music, you are really missing out. Check out his stuff.

Music clips are on the way. But if you are eager to hear something now, you can check out our terribly neglected myspace page:


Or the MUCH better sounding files on Soundcloud:



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