Urbex: The Kirkbride Plan available now

Buy this now

Friend and co-conspirator Urbex just released his first official recording “The Kirkbride Plan”. From his blog:

Urbex: The Kirkbride Plan
A meandering collection of fuzzy memories and skewed recollections from the mind of Jerry Schroeder. Available for download now oniTunesAmazonRhapsody and most everywhere else music can be electronically purchased.

Includes the following tracks:

* Trotline
* Decoration Day
* Yolk
* The Kirkbride Plan
* Copperhead
* Orienta
* Reunion
* Carolyn
* Clodhopper
* Melting
* Travelall
* Mountain Boomer
* Birdshot
* A Thousand Rabbits in the Headlights

I can’t say enough good things about his music and sounds. In an era of lo fidelity and people grinding out derivative tracks using Reason and nothing else this really stands out. Fans of downtempo electronic music should purchase this just to know how good the genre can sound.


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