Reboot in 2012

2011 has not been about music around here, regrettably.

2012 will be different.

Teledubgnosis, Mission Creep, Ghost Rig 77 and Machmen all have things cooking.

For anyone in the Seattle area, I will be on 90.3 KEXP tonight (Dec 4th) at midnight. I recorded a set at Jack Straw Studio for the great Sonarchy Radio show. Podcast to come for my friends without insomnia or who have straight jobs.

In the meantime I’ll post a link to the Sonarchy performance podcast as soon as it’s up.


2 Responses to “Reboot in 2012”

  1. Rob MacGregor Says:

    Looking forward to fresh Teledubgnosis. Any definite time frame? Will it be a full album?

    • wirerecordings Says:

      We hope to have it ready by spring. We have enough material for 2 full lengths and a few eps. But it’s not all gonna make the cut. We will probably start posting demos here, just because it is taking us too long to finish the record, and we’d really like to share what we are doing!

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