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KEXP Sonarchy Podcast is up

January 29, 2012

You can find the podcast of my recent Sonarchy performance on KEXP here on iTunes.

It’s indulgent, noisy, and probably a little irritating at times. I had a great time.

Beats: Machinedrum UW MK I

Synth: Moog Voyager

Hardware Effects: Moog Filter and Delay, there is some Roland Space Echo baked in the backing tracks.

Software: Ableton LIve, Max 4 Live, GRM. probably some built in Live FX.

Controllers: Novation 25 Sl and Behringer BCR 2000

And here is a grainy photo of my setup in the studio. I lugged in a portion of my home studio. Mac Pro, Genelecs, stands and all.