About Wire Recordings

Probably the MLC session

Probably the MLC session

Wire Recordings was started as a creative outlet for the members of Teledubgnosis, Machmen, and Mission Creep as well as their friends and collaborators. The first release will be the long awaited Machmen EP.

Wire Recordings does not subscribe to a specific genre. It’s sole purpose is to make available music we like, made by people we like.

Musical styles of our artists range from musique concrète to noisy roots dub and all places in between. We use synthetic means to produce organic textures and vice versa. We love analog sounds, but tear them to shreds with our evil machines.

Our biggest asset is the skill and experience of our artists. While none of us are card carrying members of the AARP, we are by no means “wet behind the ears”. Several of our artists have contributed to some of the most memorable and groundbreaking recordings of the latter part of the twentieth century. We are honored to give them a new home and outlet for their creativity here at Wire Recordings.

At this time we are not offering downloads from this site. If you would like a copy of something you hear on this site, contact the artist directly or email us. If a track is available for sale, we will provide a link when possible.


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