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New Mission Creep Album!

August 17, 2014

Mission Creep’s debut album “On The Sea Of Suns” out on Wire Recordings drops TODAY!!! Get your copy (along w/t-shirts, posters and whatnot) here:


New Teledub Track

March 29, 2012

Proof we are doing “something”!

It’s all on Soundcloud…

March 29, 2012

It’s all on Soundcloud…

I am trying to put all of our presentable recordings up on Soundcloud. This includes the Teledubgnosis catalog, the Machmen EP, and any other worthy strays I find.

Most likely, I will post new Teledubgnosis tracks here soon. Did anyone hear that?

KEXP Sonarchy Podcast is up

January 29, 2012

You can find the podcast of my recent Sonarchy performance on KEXP here on iTunes.

It’s indulgent, noisy, and probably a little irritating at times. I had a great time.

Beats: Machinedrum UW MK I

Synth: Moog Voyager

Hardware Effects: Moog Filter and Delay, there is some Roland Space Echo baked in the backing tracks.

Software: Ableton LIve, Max 4 Live, GRM. probably some built in Live FX.

Controllers: Novation 25 Sl and Behringer BCR 2000

And here is a grainy photo of my setup in the studio. I lugged in a portion of my home studio. Mac Pro, Genelecs, stands and all.


Reboot in 2012

December 5, 2011

2011 has not been about music around here, regrettably.

2012 will be different.

Teledubgnosis, Mission Creep, Ghost Rig 77 and Machmen all have things cooking.

For anyone in the Seattle area, I will be on 90.3 KEXP tonight (Dec 4th) at midnight. I recorded a set at Jack Straw Studio for the great Sonarchy Radio show. Podcast to come for my friends without insomnia or who have straight jobs.

In the meantime I’ll post a link to the Sonarchy performance podcast as soon as it’s up.


Let’s try this again.

September 16, 2010

2010 is 75% over and I’ve only posted one thing. With some good things happening recently, and even better things on the horizon, it seems like a good idea to get this going again.

This is a little late, but still worth promoting. Check out David Wm. Sims “unFact” project.  I’ll let the music speak for itself. But if you know who he is and what he does, you wont’ be disappointed.

Find all the details here:

Unfact 7" Cover

Urbex: The Kirkbride Plan available now

January 13, 2010

Buy this now

Friend and co-conspirator Urbex just released his first official recording “The Kirkbride Plan”. From his blog:

Urbex: The Kirkbride Plan
A meandering collection of fuzzy memories and skewed recollections from the mind of Jerry Schroeder. Available for download now oniTunesAmazonRhapsody and most everywhere else music can be electronically purchased.

Includes the following tracks:

* Trotline
* Decoration Day
* Yolk
* The Kirkbride Plan
* Copperhead
* Orienta
* Reunion
* Carolyn
* Clodhopper
* Melting
* Travelall
* Mountain Boomer
* Birdshot
* A Thousand Rabbits in the Headlights

I can’t say enough good things about his music and sounds. In an era of lo fidelity and people grinding out derivative tracks using Reason and nothing else this really stands out. Fans of downtempo electronic music should purchase this just to know how good the genre can sound.

Machmen EP is Live Worldwide

November 2, 2009

Alternate Cover

The Machmen EP “Just Like You, Only Better” is a available worldwide today on most major online distributors.

Buy the release from iTunes here.

As previously mentioned, if you get stuck with something less than full bandwidth .wav files of the recordings, feel free to contact me with proof of purchase, and I’ll try to provide you with the better sounding .wav files.

If you want to preview the material (and you should) try the Myspace page or the much better sounding (even if it clips the first part of the song) Soundcloud page:

Available now on Beatport

October 13, 2009

The Machmen EP went live today. Available exclusively on Beatport until 11/02/09. Then available iTunes, Amazon etc…

No hard feelings if you wait for the iTunes launch to buy it. I would. $14.94 seems like a lot to me for a digital domestic release of an EP. But if you REALLY want it, there it is.. I am a terrible salesman.

At least it looks like you can download the .wav files at that price, if that isn’t the case, or if you downloaded the mp3’s and want the .wavs email me and I’ll try to set you up. Please tell me that you all prefer .wavs to mp3s…..

Picture 7

Update: Machmen on Beatport 10/12/09

October 3, 2009


Update: Pushed back one week. If you HAVE to buy something this week, go buy the Jesus Lizard remasters instead.

The first Wire Recordings release “Just Like You, Only Better” by Machmen hits Beatport on Monday October 12th. After the 2 week Beatport exclusive, it will be available for download at most popular music download sites.

Many thanks to Jason Reimer for doing the cover art, Gregory Damien Grinnell for artwork guidance, Brett Weldele for lending some perspective, and Jon, Israel and Mia at OSEAO for patiently walking me through the setup of the label. Also thanks to the pickle lady for enduring repeated listens of this record and being supportive of all my creative efforts.

Big thanks of course to my co-conspirator on the Machmen recording, Urbex. If you don’t know his music, you are really missing out. Check out his stuff.

Music clips are on the way. But if you are eager to hear something now, you can check out our terribly neglected myspace page:

Or the MUCH better sounding files on Soundcloud: